Oh Canada!

“Oh Canada, our home and native land…”  I don’t want to be a wet blanket on the Canada Day festivities but as I think of the history of this country, the Confederation we are marking,  I can’t help thinking about the people whose backs we are standing on.  Here is an article written by  Susana Deranger that explains far better than I can, the blood shed by her ancestors at the hands of ours!


I recently wrote an article citing the cruelties that were perpetrated on the Natives of this country during colonization.  I was reminded by a writing instructor that I was not telling the truth; that it would be prudent to mention that the Natives themselves were not entirely passive toward each other and inter-tribal wars existed here before the coming of the white man.  I suppose, to explain that it is just human nature to conquer and kill, I could go all the way back to the garden of Eden and cite the story of Cain and Abel.  My parents lost family members during WWII at the hands of the oppressors we call Nazis.  I have to wonder why that suffering is recognized as valid and the Native losses are not.  It is in the telling of our history that we are supposed to evolve our “human nature” into a more enlightened race of human being.

Happy Canada Day?  For whom?


Lake Totems

According to the dictionary a totem is a natural object or animal believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and adopted by it as an emblem.  In my travels I came across something called a Lake Totem.  The idea is to photograph a lake when the water is completely still, like glass.  Then you rotate your photo so that the horizon is vertical.  Voila, you have a lake totem.  Here are mine taken at Lake Kashagawigamog, Ontario.  For good measure the first one is the original before rotation.

Time Mind Warp

What do you think of when you think of time?  You have some time on your hands and your mind starts to warp with questions about time.  Is your free time an asset?  What should you do with your time?  Maybe you’re stuck in a time warp, a condition or process of being displaced from one point to another, but that’s not living.  If you don’t keep track of your time, it feels more like a way of life, than a condition or process.  You feel the need to make appointments with yourself but once you’re at such an appointment, you’re at a loss what to do.  How do you spend quality time with yourself?  What can you do for yourself that would feed your soul, nourish your brain, enhance your self-esteem, and alter your life?

The Web Dictionary defines time as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.  Continued progress of existence?  Does this mean that time and progress are synonymous?  If you don’t do anything during your appointment with yourself that progresses your life, does that mean you’re wasting time? Are you squandering this most precious of commodities?

Perhaps you need some hard copy; you open the dictionary.  Time: indefinite, unlimited duration in which things are considered as happening  in the past, present or future; every moment there has ever been or ever will be.  Every moment there has ever been or ever will be?  You are becoming intimidated.  You want to sit back and let God take over the behemoth responsibility of spending your time.  The task is starting to defeat the purpose of the appointment with yourself so you read on in the dictionary.  Any financial advisor will tell you, if you’re going to spend as asset you must first understand the value of it.

Time: the specific, usual, or allotted period during which something is done as in baking [baking time, 20 minutes].  Do you need to do something with a specific start and end time, measuring along the way so that you don’t exceed the end time?  You decide that in order to concentrate on the task, you will need someone to keep time, which doesn’t allow for the aloneness the appointment demands.

Time can be a rate of speed as in marching, driving, working etc.  In this version of time the words like quick time, overtime, and double time are often employed so your know nothing you do on this appointment with yourself can involve marching, driving or working because that too would negate the positive benefits.

Webster’s Dictionary states that time is the usual, natural, traditional or appointed moment for something to happen, begin, or end.  In this scenario, if you die, your time would be up; if your were pregnant, you time would come; if it was your turn, it would be your time at bat.  Let’s look at these options individually.  If your time was up God would be there along with the entire heavenly host and everyone who had died before you.  This won’t serve your purpose.  If your time had come, you would be in a hospital room with doctors and nurses, family members, the father of the baby, not to mention the new life in the room.  Being a quinquagenarian, that’s not going to happen.  If it were your time at bat, it would involve a number of other members of the team, officials and parents going postal on the sidelines.  This presents an interesting visual.  The stands of the community baseball field populated with octogenarian parents screaming at each other, the fifty year old players and the Umpire!  Ahem, I digress.

Time can be any one of a series of moments at which the same or nearly the same thing recurs; a repeated occasion.  You don’t mind this definition except you will still need to find the useful activity that, the participating in, doesn’t defeat the purpose of spending time alone, and merits the repeating of.  You press on.

You could be abreast of the times but you’ve always considered people who hold stock in that stuff boobs!  You could be ahead of time, between time or even behind time.  None of these suit because each causes it’s own brand of stress and intimidation.  You could do time, but that is a gigantic waste of life and community resources.  You may decide to do something for the time being but that sounds too much like a cop-out.

What if you were to do something at intervals, now and then, from time to time?  This is too ambiguous because the purpose of this exercise is to allot a specific amount of time to do a specific activity, for yourself.  From time to time just doesn’t cut it.  If you gain time, does that mean that you can add seconds, minutes or even hours to the time devoted to self-improvement?

Once you’ve decided on the elusive activity, should you do it in good time, in no time or just in time?  Time is something that can be lost or made.  If you prefer to think of making time in the slang vernacular, you will have been successful at attracting and having an affair with another person.  This is not the solution because unless you were making time with yourself, there would be another person in the room.

The bottom line is, time after time, as you’re passing the time of day, when you have time on your hands, at this time of your life, choose to research time and learn all you can about the making of it, the spending of it, the value of it.  For time immemorial, time so long past to be vague, beyond legal memory, take a timeout from your pursuits and briefly rest from the doing of the time mind warp.  Employ your own brand of time warp, involving a deck, a drink, a dictionary and a life altering timeout!

Liberty is Love

LIBERTY for one and all is such a noble sentiment.

The EMPIRE can rise around the globe without impediment.

Yellow haired Gestapo come to take you from your beds.

Apple’s fall, confounding us by landing on our heads.

Enormous strides are gained when we discover electricity.

Liberty, so statuesque, embodies our complicity.

A tower or two of YELLOW gold, testamental  for the EMPIRE.

Quietus the ancient greed, beware our enemy’s desire.

An Apple seed, alas, can only grow an Apple tree.

Enormous hate will not grow love, impossibility.

The YELLOW sun shines every day on everything we do.

Absorb the warmth as God’s own grace deep inside of you!

Two Angels Watching

I recently found 100 Words – Flash Friday Fictioneers blog by Madison Woods thanks to Julia’s Place.  There is a great group of writers responding to her picture prompts.  Thank you Madison and Julia!  Here is my response to last Friday’s prompt:

“Can you hear them, Angel?”

“Yes Angel, they’re dreaming of building their cities on the moon.”

“I don’t like this.  Look what they’ve done to the earth our Father gave them.  They hunt the animals to extinction, they pollute the waters of lake and sea, they fill the life-giving air with smoke.  They do not show respect for each other or the gifts our Father gives them.”

“Remember, our Father is slowing their exploration.  He knows they’re not ready, Angel.”

“Yes but what of free will.  They forget they have souls, Angel!”

“Don’t worry, our Father has a plan for them!”

The Angels Came to Earth


Two thousand years ago today,

the angels came to earth,

to speak to lowly shepherds,

the promise of a Birth.


The stars shone extra bright that night,

so souls could find their way,

to kneel before the son of God,

to sing and heal and pray.


When Christmas morning comes to pass,

your presents scattered round,

do not forget this Gift from God,

and hear the angels sound,


“Glory be to God on high, and on Earth peace, good will toward men on whom His favor rests.”


Photo:  Flink’s angels announcing the birth of Christ to the shepherds.

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