…. the silence was deafening…..

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#66

The prompt chose itself this week.

…. the silence was deafening…..

As usual you have 100 words to add to the 4 above making a total of 104. Make your entries suitable for a PG certificate as I’m hoping to do a joint prompt with the children soon and it is good to practice!

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Here is my story:

The silence was deafening when my grade school math teacher called on me.    I was not a mathematical person and everyone in the room knew it except her.   My nose was six inches from the black board, the chalk in my hand inert, as I stared at the problem she had written.  Was it written in Chinese characters?  I was frozen with fear.  All of a sudden my forehead was bouncing off the blackboard.  She had pushed the back of my head to prompt some action from the chalk.  My eyes welled with tears.  I returned to my desk; she called her next victim.



A blue-eyed babe was born, on Bruton Street in Mayfair.

 No one knew that history would write another page there.

May twenty-first at two a.m. came forth her first decree,

“I’m Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, a Queen that’s yet to be.”

Her father was Prince Albert, the  Duke of York, then King.

Her mother was Elizabeth, of Scottish upbringing.

This little curly blonde haired girl astonished all she met.

A character by all accounts, reflective Lilibet.

Lilibet was crowned the Queen in nineteen fifty-three.

Elizabeth the Second reigns, Her diamond jubilee.

Bedtime Story

The flame flickered before and she had stared at it for a few seconds.  She saw nothing unusual so she went back to reading.  This time she distinctly heard a pfft.  She snapped her head around to the candle.  The flame was upright and steady.  She would never finish the book this way so she left the bed and turned on the overhead light.  She did a full inspection of her room; nothing.  She settled back in and just before turning that same page…PFFT.  It was louder this time and continuously flickering.  She looked down at the book and knew.

 Her son had always asked her to read that page again.

Liberty is Love

LIBERTY for one and all is such a noble sentiment.

The EMPIRE can rise around the globe without impediment.

Yellow haired Gestapo come to take you from your beds.

Apple’s fall, confounding us by landing on our heads.

Enormous strides are gained when we discover electricity.

Liberty, so statuesque, embodies our complicity.

A tower or two of YELLOW gold, testamental  for the EMPIRE.

Quietus the ancient greed, beware our enemy’s desire.

An Apple seed, alas, can only grow an Apple tree.

Enormous hate will not grow love, impossibility.

The YELLOW sun shines every day on everything we do.

Absorb the warmth as God’s own grace deep inside of you!

The Hunt

The island we live on is rich in ancient legends.  We’re going to find out if they’re true.  We are a group of five kids who are desperate for adventure.

We arrived at the cave on the beach looking for treasure.  We all talked at once about what to spend the gold on.  Suddenly Robert shrieked,

“Guys, I found something!”

We rushed to his side and peered into the hole.  It was a box with the letters R.I.P. carved into the top.

“What does R.I.P. mean?” I asked.

Robert pulled up the box, opened it and said,

“Ah darn, it’s just old bones!?”

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